Charcoal, and Aloe, and Roses...Oh My!

Grand Risings Tribe!

Aloe Vera

Aloe plants have several uses in skin care and internal health.  Aloe vera juice can be ingested to help with heartburn, used as a laxative to ease constipation, and when substituted for chemical mouthwash, can help to block plaque, and ease the pain of bleeding or swollen gums. Aloe vera gel is great for treating burns, healing wounds, and diminishing scars. Aloe is also great for keeping skin clear and hydrated all year long and is perfect for our summer mixtures with shea butter and body oil.


Rosewater sounds a lot like a luxury. It’s not too expensive in price, but the benefits for your skin are worth it! All rose waters, however, are not made equal. Hydrosol is the most potent form of rose water because it is literally the suspension of particles in water. Either rose essential oil or rose petals can be suspended in distilled water or oil to create maximum hydration and glow for your skin. ShéButta Shop uses hydrosol rose water and oil to create our Rose Glow Oil and Rose Water facial spray. Glow oil leaves the body hydrated, and it smells light and nice. Facial spray can be used for all types of skin, (even oily) to hydrate and to calm. Rose water can also be used on hair and scalp to moisturize and smooth out hair follicles after shampoo and conditioner.

Masks: Rose Clay & Activated Charcoal

Rose Clay

If you like a good mud or clay mask for spa day as much as I do, then you will absolutely love the benefits of rose clay and activated charcoal. Rose clay is a mild kaolin clay (meaning it’s a naturally occurring mineral clay) that does an awesome job of absorbing dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities from skin. The calming influence of rose balances skin by cleaning, hydrating, and keeping natural oils in tact. Rose clay also helps to lift and firm skin, as well as improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Activated Charcoal

Say hello to the pore cleaning champ, activated charcoal! Not only does it have the power to detoxify and remove impurities, it also helps to shrink pores all without stripping your skin of its natural oil. Activated charcoal is powerful as a face wash or mask and exfoliant. Since activated charcoal is inert, it does not cause allergic reactions, and even when used as a toner, it sweeps dirt from pores much like a magnet lifts iron filament. Clearer pores = more youthful looking skin and a glow that is sure to get you complimented.

Next week look out for our discussion about soaps, essential oils and botanicals!

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