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The Skin We Are In

Skin care means different things to different people. Some see it as a hassle, while others have a near biblical routine with 40 different lotions and potions. Skin is our largest organ, and as with all our internal organs, it must be protected and cared for; especially because it is external. It is a gateway to our bloodstream and one of the first things people notice about us. While skin comes in various shades and can differ in texture and sensitivity, all skin needs moisture. Our bodies need water to hydrate it from the inside, but we also need oils, cream, and butters to hydrate it from the outside.

Are All Moisturizers Created Equal?

All are not, and of course some are more beneficial than others. Most lotions and moisturizers on the market are full of chemicals and don’t provide the long-lasting skin hydrating benefits that our skin needs. We want skin that stays soft, supple, and smells good all day. Butters are my favorite moisturizers because they can be whipped for lightness and a creamy texture or mixed to make a heavier texture for rougher skin. They absorb rather quickly and allow for lots of scent combinations. Butters can also be used in hair and on the face, which isn’t typical of lotions. Today, I want to chat about the four main body butters ShéButta Shop uses.

Meet Cocoa Butta

African Americans have been well acquainted with cocoa butter forever! It can be used on all ages, from babies to seniors. Cocoa butter comes from pods on cacao trees, mainly found in Africa and the Amazon river basin. It is stocked with plenty of vitamins that are great for skin including E and A. Cocoa butter also has a wonderful chocolate scent and is packed full of antioxidants that can help slow the signs of ageing. It absorbs quickly and has a comedogenic level of about 4, meaning it can clog pores and is not recommended for oily skin because it can cause acne breakouts.

Meet Mango Butta

Mango has so many amazing benefits much like her butta sister cocoa. Mango is native to India, but is grown domestically as well. Mango seeds are pressed for butter, and the benefits are plentiful! Mango butter is high in Vitamin C, which supports production of collagen in skin, slows the signs of ageing, and moisturizes. The scent is sweet and tropical and mango butter is non-comedogenic.

Meet Shea Butta  

I’m sure you’ve heard her name a time or two! Shea butter is often used as a base for many at home moisturizer creations, but it can definitely stand alone. It too, is non-comedogenic and has a scent, and benefits similar to cocoa butter. Shea comes from the nuts of the karite tree that grows in the Sahel region running from East to West Africa. Shea is used to moisturize the skin, treat irritated skin or razor bumps, help reduce stretch marks, and has many more benefits. Combined with one or both butters, your skin will thank you by being its soft and supple self.

Meet Tamanu Butta

This butter is made from, you guessed it, the nut kernels of the Tamanu Nut tree. It has a woodsy scent and is excellent for improving skin elasticity and helps with healing bruise marks. Tamanu butter is non-comedogenic and has antimicrobial properties that make it perfect for soothing eczema flare ups, healing cuts, and it is a natural analgesic. This butter, much like the others, is awesome at smoothing rough heels and improving the look of dark scar marks.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know ShéButta Shop’s favorite selection of butters. Browse the shop and sign up for more news and info about ShéButta Shop products.

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